While many of our supposed “thought leaders” are heading off to Davos, we are just back to the 40 degree heat of Canberra in a super heated January – a big prompt to get planning for 2020.

The theme of “Bonds” worked well in 2019 to ensure a mix of topics and some truly reflective moments.  A summary of presentations will be put together for delegates, and for the information of those who missed out on SilverStar this year.

The APE education machine will continue to be busy in the first half of 2019 with meetings on the Polar Explorer out of Patagonia in March and a Chinese fact finding mission in May, associated with the Great Wall Marathon. Get in touch if you want to be involved!

In addition, APE is handling the logistics for a Boot Camp in early February  for Anaesthetic trainees seeking to improve their performance in Part 2 exams.

This range of activities speaks to the flexibility required for any educational organisation in the current climate. Indeed, “flexibility” is so important that we are considering it as the conference theme for our meeting in January 2020.

As an example of flexibility, we have taken on board feedback from 2019 delegates about preferred dates. We had originally suggested the week of 13 January, 2020, but understand that there is a strong preference for the conference to incorporate the previous week so we have decided to start the conference on 8 January and finish up on 14 January. Mark your diaries, book your tickets and reserve your accommodation!

Thanks again for supporting APE and ensuring that it is a fun and challenging learning experience. We’ll continue to look at options for professionals to learn in different contexts, including Japan, and keep you updated.