APE – the theory

You can download a pdf briefing on APE 2023 here.

APE runs conferences relevant to all professionals and business people. The program covers issues such as strategy, finance, governance, health and human resources. We aim to create a learning environment that asks crucial decisions about professional and business success.

Where did APE come from?

APE’s principals are Rod Katz (PhD) and Vida Viliunas (specialist anaesthetist) based in Canberra, Australia. In recent years, Jo Katz has been assisting with much of the conference program. We have spent many years attending conferences, meetings and workshops. The experience has left us wanting to run our own conferences differently. We rely on the delegates sharing their ideas and experiences to ensure that we continue to evolve.

Is APE for you?

If you are a person who is curious, intent on making the most out of your business or professional life and wanting to share ideas and experiences, then APE is for you.

Who participates?

We believe any professional or business person can benefit from APE conferences. A wide range of disciplines have been represented in the past – doctors, lawyers, bankers, financial planners and accountants, engineers, recruiters, property and insurance specialists, business people – exporters, importers, retailers and others.

Having an eclectic mix of attendees avoids “group think” and offers “left field” takes on common questions.


The summary of presentations from 2023 gives an idea of the variety of topics addressed .

Please contact the convenor if you would consider presenting. It is a low stress : high return investment and is strongly recommended as a way to get the most out of your conference participation. In acknowledgement of your  contribution you will enjoy a substantial discount on registration. For further details about presenting see For presenters.