IMG_2191Why present

There are significant advantages in being an APE presenter:

  1. A substantial discount on registration;
  2. The satisfaction of learning by doing;
  3. Recognition in program and proceedings;
  4. Increased profile and the acclaim of colleagues.

What works

It is desirable but not compulsory for reference to the theme in your presentation. The Theme for2024 is “Consciousness”.

Desirable topics for presentations are many and varied. We try to structure the conference such that presentations in sessions are complementary. It is best if  presentations are engaging rather than technical. Some subjects that have been successful in the past include:

  • Management (especially practice management encompassing the use of new technologies)
  • Strategy
  • Legal, accounting and insurance issues
  • Finance, including investment strategies
  • Medical developments
  • Life skills and personal development

Summaries of presentations from 20152016 2017, 2018 2019 2020 and 2023 give an idea of the variety of topics addressed.

How long etc.

The preferred presentation length is around twenty minutes to allow for questions and discussion. A short presentation with animated discussion is ideal. Because we have a diverse (and intelligent!) delegate pool, please ensure jargon is kept to a minimum and its relevance explained.

We provide a laptop (Mac), projector and screen if you want to use Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi etc… Bring presentations on a memory drive or email it if it is a small enough file (under 10mb). Sharing via Dropbox is also an option for larger presentation files.

While the technology is there, don’t feel obliged to use it! Some of our favourite presentations don’t involve big screens – just big ideas!

Presenter information

Please contact us with a provisional title for your presentation so that it can be included in the draft programme. We will also ask you for a photo and a 150 word bio. The earlier the better for this as we aim to get a provisional program completed by the beginning of December.