2023: Après Recovery?

SilverStar Après! (photo credit SilverStar Mountain)

2022 was supposed to be the “Recovery” conference. In the end it was an Omicron washout. But it is “game-on!” for 2023. Tentative dates are 10 to 13 January, 2023 for an “AprΓ¨s Recovery” themed conference.

Of course anything is possible in this terrifying new world. But as we wait to see what the next catastrophe brings, why not make plans for a flourishing future?!

Making plans at least helps to organise thoughts, establish priorities, and acknowledge good fortune (where it exists!). So please build APE 2023 into your calendars. No promises, but maybe it will be a turning point for the world, or at least we can make a little bit of it better…