Recovery seemed like an appropriate theme for 2021 as we participated in the APE 2020 SilverStar conference in January and watched the fires wreaking havoc in Australia. Recovery now seems like an even more apt theme as we have gone through a biblical series of disasters since.

Ziggy surveys
Ziggy surveys fire damage on South Coast

The latest concern is of course the COVID 19 epidemic that is terrifying many and affecting pretty much everyone. Even as an inveterate optimist, it is difficult to find too much upside just now. Paradoxically, that means that we may have reached some sort of bottom from which a path to recovery is possible. We are certainly having a crisis and we all know that these should not be wasted! The question is whether we have the wisdom to make, and the courage to embrace, some difficult choices.

In any event we will be convening in SilverStar in January 2021 to a very different world. Some possibilities are:

  • We have new leadership in the USA. Institutions that are responsible for responding to crises will have started a rebuilding process.
  • Short term market shocks, like the dispute between the Russians and the Saudis on oil production and pricing, will have resolved themselves.
  • There will be a recognition that technology and market mechanisms need to be established to attempt to deal with climate issues.

You’ve got to hope and dream! In the meantime I’m dreaming of SilverStar in 2021. Hope you are too!

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