A few months ago we were buoyed by airlines announcing they were getting international flights going by October 2021. It’s pretty clear that that is not going to happen. The Australian Budget is predicated on international travel not resuming until June 2022. Accordingly, odds are that we won’t be running a conference in January 2022. We’ll keep you updated if things change.

Back in the ’90s we went to a “boxercise” class . We had to practice going “Jab Jab Hook”. There was something wonderfully frustration-relieving about smacking the pads of the instructor, big Terry.

The analogy, obviously, is with our vaccination program. If we all get in our two jabs, we should be able to hook back into international travel and relieve the frustration of being incarcerated in Australia.

Admittedly we are “cooped up” in a pretty fantastic location. Many of us have taken advantage of learning about what our backyard can offer up. We are also probably more aware of how much inattentive travel we used to do. I think it is fair to say that when the gates are finally opened we will travel with a greater consciousness of our impacts and appreciation of the features of distant locations. We’re certainly planning to travel less often but for longer and with greater intensity of focus. We hope that you will share this intensity and focus with us in future APE meetings, even if we have to wait until January 2023.