The snow is looking good already, as is the conference!

A provisional list of speakers and titles is here. The APE Vision 2018 conference should be brilliant. Don’t forget to register if you haven’t already!

In conjunction with the technical program, we have organised tremendous social and team-building events. Partnering with the SilverStar SnowSports School, we are running 3 day clinics from 9am to 12pm, Wednesday to Friday, in each week of the conference. We are calling it the APE REC Academy and it is open to all APE Delegates and adult family members.

The REC bit can be read as indicating a recreational focus. But it is also an acronym for the Retracing Evolution Cup which, conditions permitting, will be the pinnacle event on the Friday sessions. The APE REC program is fabulous value and will see us sliding about with simian grace and agility!

Come share your vision !